Charting Progress for Articulation Therapy

Progress charts are an amazing visual tool to use in your therapy. It helps the child understand and see their progress and gives them motivation for improvement. I am a HUGE believer in homework and daily drill with my speech clients. Usually the weeks where my students have a lower score than the previous week it is because they have not practiced their homework. Using a progress chart helps my clients feel more accountable for their improvement. We always celebrate any improvements and discuss all the possible reasons for regression. It is important that you let the client try to figure out why they didn't improve instead of pointing your finger at them and making them feel terrible. When they realize for themselves that they are in control of their improvements they always work harder and have a better attitude. I have made a number of different progress charts over the years. Last year I used this one. It is good, but it was hard for some of my clients to understand why we were charting the different positions (initial, medial, and final) on the same chart. So I decided to make a new one to help them better visualize which positions were easier and harder for them. Here it is. I am having a lot of success with it this term but I'm sure I'll be tweaking things like I always do.

You can get a copy of this progress chart by going to my Teachers Pay Teachers website (seller name annieSLP) or copy and paste this link into your URL for the direct link to the artic progress chart:


CC said...

visuals are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

You really inspire me. Great job!

Melody said...

This is exactly what I am looking for. The best I've seen so far, but I need word/phrase/sentence levels. I have no idea how you made it. Can you send a copy in a form that can be typed into? singingslp at hotmail dot com

Irish girl said...

I would love a copy of the new chart too! julie.lindstrom@leesummit.k12.mo.us


dzaffiro@lexrich5.org said...

This is a fantastic resource! Love that all the positions are one page! Can you send a copy or attach it to your blog? dzaffiro@lexrich5.org
Thanks so much!!! Dawn

LFranzella said...

Is it possible to have a copy of this data collection sheet?
Thanks, Lori@Franzella.com