Oh Man What a Day!

Yesterday was my last day with my Monday speech groups. It is so bitter-sweet! I am 8 months pregnant and will be transferring to a new school next year because I am going part time when the baby comes. I will miss this school and my students so much! 

But HOLY SMOKES! There is no better way to get you out of a blubbering sentimental mode then for one of your students to throw up hamburger all over in the middle of a therapy session. OH MAN! It was monumentally disgusting! I just kept saying over and over again "Are you okay? Are you okay?" (how stupid can I be, of course she's not okay!) and the goo just kept coming out!!! It was hilarious and awful at the same time. It was so sudden too. She didn't even look sick, she said she didn't feel sick until right before and then right after she said she felt better. Then she just looked up at me, amid all the goo with her adorable puppy eyes that seemed to ask "now what?" And there was a second that I just stared in some sort of shocked what-the-heck-do-I-do mode. Thank goodness the little boy that comes with her ran to the office to get the janitor. Then I got to my senses and I took the little girl to the bathroom to wash up. Poor thing!

Not what I had imagined for my last day with that cute speech group but that's why it's always interesting to work with kids. You never know what you're in for day to day. Sometimes it's great! and sometimes its the perfect super disgusting thing to shake you back into reality.

And now I will mourn the loss of my R articulation flips cards that died a sad sad hamburgery death.

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