DSD's Special Education Conference

I'm sorry I haven't updated the blog in a while. Being 9 months pregnant has not helped my productivity. This week I am attending a conference put together by my fabulous school district. The conference is for all special education teachers and related servers. It has been AMAZING so far and I have learned soooooo much! It's phenomenal. I cannot wait to share the ideas with you. At first glance I wasn't thrilled about the conference because most classes are geared toward resource teachers. But it has been so great to have insight into how resource teachers address reading, comprehension and vocabulary teaching. This afternoon I'm going to a course on teaching writing strategies and there are so many more great classes to come. Keep checking back on the blog. I will share insights from each of the classes I am taking this week.

Classes include:
Data Gathering
Reading Comprehension in Elementary School
Vocabulary Instruction
Reading Comprehension Strategies for Secondary Education
Writing Stategies for 1-9 grades
Executive Functioning
Teaching Organization Strategies

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