Telling Teachers What SLPs Do

Does this sound familiar to any of you?....

"What do you do?"
"I am a speech-language pathologist."
"Oh so you help kids who can't say their Rs and stuff"
"Yep, and a lot more than that."
"Really? Like what?"

Come on, I know you have all had this conversation! It's typical for people to understand that we work with articulation disorders but it's not as apparent that we also work with language disorders, phonological awareness, augmentative alternative communication, voice, tongue thrust, swallowing, and more. It is particularly important for Teachers to know the broader picture so they know when to refer kids.

My caseload at my new school was so high it became necessary to hire a second SLP. Last week, my new and wonderful colleague and I organized a little breakfast for the teachers at our school. We wanted to make sure that the teachers are comfortable talking to us. It was so fun! We got to meet everyone, eat yummy food, and we sent everyone off with a brochure explaining a little more about what we do. Here's a little peak at our brochure.
this is the front of our brochure

this was on the back

this was the inside flap of the brochure

this is the inside of our brochure


Sharon said...

This looks wonderful! I am curious, how high is your caseload now?

CC said...

this is great!! are you posting your handy brochure for others?? :)

Let's Talk Speech and Language said...

great idea! this would be great to give to parents on open school night as well.

Dee said...

I would love to have this for a couple of my 4th grade teachers. Just the other day, she told me child no longer needed me because she could understand his every word. Just picture her shock when I explained that his IEP addressed LANGUAGE needs. She popped right back and said, "oh he gets all that from ELL." umm. . . . nope, he does not.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, please share! It's great that your school is so receptive to you and your colleague giving the teachers an information session. I'd love to be able to do that. Despite what I've already shared with them, the whole staff needs education on the role of the SLP in the school! Anything would help.

kstef said...

This is great! Any chance you would be willing to share this in an electronic format that would allow your fellow SLPs to alter it to fit their needs rather than starting from scratch? Would be so greatly appreciated and so handy for the upcoming May is Speech and Hearing Month!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! You can purchase an electronic version of this that you can edit if you go to my teachers pay teachers website. It costs $1.75.