Matt and Molly Stories

Matt and Molly stories are very simple and great for some of your language or austism kids. These stories come in a packet with language lesson plans and colorful story boards. Read this post for some ideas of what you can do with Matt and Molly Stories.
Tell the story and then introduce the simple vocabulary of the story. Discuss the items and what they are used for, what they look like, who they belong to, etc.
  • Put all the pictures on the ground and have the kids try to organize them in the right sequence. Have them describe what is happening in each picture.
  • Role Play. Have the children play the parts of Matt and Molly. The good thing about these stories is the props are usually pretty simple. but if you don't want to get props you can always just draw the stick figure version. (Don't spend time making it perfect, kids usually aren't picky)


Michele said...

There is also a CD Rom that has these stories. We use a projector and show the "movie" on the wall after the kids have heard the story. It really increases engagement

Anonymous said...

very cool! If you buy the Matt and Molly stories they come with premade lesson plans and wh-questions for each story. These are very simple stories and questions and great for low functioning or very young kids.