Signs of Aspiration

Aspiration (food or liquid entering the airway and lungs) is the main concern with swallowing disorders. Aspiration can be very dangerous and lead to respiratory infections/pneumonia. Read more for a brief list of signs that someone may be aspirating and/or have a swallowing disorder.

Signs and Symptoms of a Swallowing Disorder

• Coughing after eating or drinking
• Food spilling out of mouth
• Choking on food or drink
• Remnants of food or liquid in mouth after swallowing
• Wet or “gurgly” voice
• Drooling
• Sensation of food sticking in the throat
• Loss of desire for eating

*disclaimer. Swallowing Disorders are not my expertise, but one of my best friends treats swallowing disorders on a regular basis so I think they're interesting. I figure I will try to learn what I can about them in case I need to treat them too. Please feel free to give me any insight into swallowing disorders.

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