social stories

Social stories are a great way to explain different situations to autistic children. Here are some suggestions for making your own social stories.

Create stories for functional every day situations (e.g. the park, school, lunch time, dinner time, etc.)

  • tell the story from the client's perspective using words like "I" and "me".

  • use the appropriate language level for your client. If the child has lower language abilities try using very short simple sentences. If they have higher abilities adapt the story to their level.
  • use words that describe feelings in different situations (make sure to talk about the feelings of others as well as the feelings of the client. Understanding that other people have feelings is a tricky concept for a child with autism. This is another way to address that perspective taking.)

  • use words that suggest flexibility like "maybe, might, could". Autistic children tend to be more rigid in routine and rules. Discuss many possible outcomes to each situation.

  • Practice functional phrases at the end

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