Great Speech Language Pathology Blogs List

I am always looking for new ideas and tools to use in therapy. I recently found some fabulous speech blogs that I wanted to share with you. I have put links to some of my favorites on the right side of this blog under my blog archive list. Speech-Language Pathologists are some of the most creative and intelligent people out there and I have learned so much from reading some of these amazing blogs! Check them out!


Tahirih said...

Hi Annie,
Thanks for leaving a comment on Autism Games. I too use my blog as a spot to organize my thinking learning. If, at the same time, it is valuable to others, this is even better. I like the collection of resources you are gathering on your blog. It will be helpful to many. The title of your blog is perfect. I felt like I was faking it for the first five years of my career, there was so much to learn. There is still so much too learn but I know enough to feel comfortable with what I don't know most the time. Warm regards, Tahirih

CC said...

great links!!

Ray said...

There has been little acheived in the speech Language Pathology but i hope that in near future we reach new threshholds.

Best of luck