Homework Tracking Sheet

I put a big emphasis on daily homework for my speech/language students. Here is a homework tracker that I put in the front of my student's homework folders. It's simple and no big deal but if you like it feel free to use it. You can get a copy of it on my Teachers Pay Teachers website. Click HERE for access to the form.

Here is a copy of one I use for my language kids. It is even more simple but it's been an effective communication tool to let my student's parents know what we worked on and what they can work on at home.


Kelly said...

How many of your students actually bring back their homework tracking sheets? I tried this last year but within a month, many of my students had lost their homework sheet. Many of them were not bringing it back at all so I know their parents weren't seeing it. As it is right now, I have a low rate of returned homework and I'm even pulling out a lot of bribes. The battle of bring back homework never ends for some of my students.

Anonymous said...

I feel ya, I had that issue when I worked for Jordan School District, especially cause the school I worked for had mostly low-income families with both parent's working and little time for homework. When I came to Davis I knew I wanted to try to push homework a lot harder.

This year I honestly probably get 90% homework back and only 2 or 3 of my students (out of 82) have lost their homework folders! Isn't that a miracle!

Here's what I did. I start the year off with a note to all parents about the importance of doing speech homework with their kids and letting them know that I expect them to DO the homework with their child. I let them know in that letter what days/times the student will be coming to speech so they know what day homework is due. I also ONLY reinforce homework. I don't give prizes for coming or anything, just for doing homework. The kids can only play a game if they do their homework.

Here's the kicker. You have to do this from the very beginning to get them in the habit though. I have my students call their parents EVERY SINGLE TIME they forget to do it. The first few weeks there was a lot of calling going on. After about a month the parents and students got the message. It doesn't waste any of my time because I just have the students go to the phone at the first of the session while I work with the other kids. I've had good success with this, but this school has seriously awesome parents!!! Last year at my other school I only got around 75-80% homework back.

vis199 said...

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