Building Routines in Therapy

This year I did a little experiment with having a set routine for my articulation groups. The reason behind this was a ridiculously large caseload and the need to make the most efficient use of my 30 minutes with each student. I decided to email all of the 76 SLPs in our school district and ask them what they did as part of their therapy routines. Still being relatively new to the field I love to hear how other people do their therapy. Here is the little routine I came up with for my 30 minute articulation groups.

1.       Turn in my HOMEWORK!
a.       1 sticker for any homework done this week
b.      Homework Heroes ticket for 5 days of homework (yippee!)
2.       Get SOUND CARD and start practicing (out loud!) to see what the sound cards are like click HERE
a.       Get the sound I am working on this week
b.      Put sound card in return box when I am done
3.       CHECK FOR PROGRESS on homework to see some progress charts click HERE and HERE
a.       Update progress chart! (I hope I got better!)
4.       PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE my speech sounds (that’s why I am here!)
a.       I can play a game if I did my homework 
b.      I cannot play a game if I did not do my homework 
c.       5-10 practice sounds/words/sentences = 1 turn at the game
5.       REVIEW HOMEWORK for next week (so I know how and what to practice at home)
a.       Make sure it is written in my homework tracker
6.       WRAP IT UP! It’s almost time to go!
a.       Put sound cards back on the wall
b.      Update progress charts
c.       Push in my chair
d.      Go back to class
PUT MY HOMEWORK IN MY BACKPACK so I can practice every day!

The routine is posted where every student can see it and it has pictures to help them remember. It has made my therapy a lot more effective this year. I might have to make some adjustments. 
Here's the small handout I made for our speech department meeting.
What are some things that you find effective in your therapy routines?


ChildTalk said...

Stopping back to check out your blog and say "hi!" Your blog is great! I love all your tips!

I'm hosting my (first ever) link-up tomorrow on www.talkingkids.org. I'd love it if you'd stop over and link up a post. It can be a great way to get new traffic over to your blog, too! :)

Happy blogging!

Kelly said...

I love your blog! Thanks for sharing all your awesome ideas!

Suz said...

I love the visual schedule for the speech session. You have some great ideas Annie...can't wait until I can be back in the same district soaking them all up.

profeana said...

I found your blog on Pinterest, and I have to say that I love your ideas for organizing your time, homework packets, and therapy supplies. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!