Twitter Confusion!

After reading the recent ASHA Leader article about SLPs collaborating through twitter and talking with some fellow bloggers I decided it was time to join the frenzy. And after this first hour I can officially say I have NO IDEA how to navigate or use it. But, I want to learn! So here's a small plea to those familiar with the illusive twitterverse, can you PLEASE leave a comment on how I would go about using twitter as a means of collaborating with other SLPs. You will have to be pretty basic in your explanations, K? Thanks "peeps"!

Update 12/5/2011
*there is an amazing post written by a fellow blogger/superstar SLP/tweet guru that will help anyone wanting to navigate the twitterverse to access SLP resources. To read it click HERE
*my "handle" is @annie_SLP in case you wanted to befriend me in the twitterverse


Anonymous said...

As basic as possible what if I start with what you CAN do, before worrying about HOW? You can:

-ask questions to others (to specific ppl or Twitter at large). I've even asked for test scores if I forgot a manual (and gotten them).

-participate in heated discussion (such as one we've been having today surrounding phonological processes like deaffrication, fronting, etc). Sometimes these discussions are formal (such as with #slpchat (that # is called a hashtag - you can search for tweets marked with any hahstag).

-have several laughs as you build your community and friendships

-share your thoughts, ideas, websites you find, resources etc. and take advantage of others sharing the same.

-get overriding themes and ideas from others who are at conferences world wide.

-get international perspective as well as second opinions.

-connect with people in other fields and as them your questions or collaborate.

-be the first to find out about various things such as new apps, resources, sales, webinars, etc.

HOW you do all that is outlined pretty basically in my blog starting here: http://bit.ly/hvknLZ with the terms and ways of interacting with others. From there I go on to talk about etiquette, how to tweet with other SLPs (http://bit.ly/e22Zsk) and so on...

Start by following a few good people. Interact with them. Do a search for #SLPeeps to see what people are generally sharing (and save that search to keep going back and looking at those tweets as they continue to come up). Start sharing websites or ideas. Engage people in SLP (or non SLP) dialogue.

You have to USE twitter to understand how to use it - if that makes any sense at all.

Sean Sweeney said...

I was going to say just check out the lexical linguist blog and the series on twitter, but I see Tanya has already been here!

Sean Sweeney said...

Also, it's a good idea to indicate somewhere on your blog that you are on twitter and how to find you...

SpeechieLO said...

I was going to comment to tell you about the blog posts Tanya wrote... but she's already done that, so I said hi to you on twitter instead!