Homework Packets for Articulation Students

I have had a lot of people ask me what I send home as homework. For my articulation kids it is pretty cut and dry. I have 3 go-to books for my articulation kids.
  • Webber's Jumbo Articulation Drill Book 
  • No Glamour Articulation
  • 40,000 Selected Words Organized by letter, sound, and syllable

I usually use the Webber's Jumbo Artic Book to make homework packets for my kids. I just copy the whole section for the target sound which includes pictures, lists, and sentences with the target sound in all positions of words.
If the child is working on 2 or 3 sounds I put packets for each sound in their folder, with colored paper in front of each new packet to make them more easily separated. Make sure that the copies are 2 sided or else their homework folder will be huge. I know it's A LOT of worksheets and not very specific or individual, this is why I created the homework tracker.
With the homework tracker I can write down what specific page the child needs to work on for the upcoming week. Please note, if you 3 hole punch the worksheets and secure them in the folder, they are MUCH more likely to stay in the folder. If you have them loose in the folder they are likely to fall out and get lost in transit. Make sure your homework tracker is secured in the folder at the very front.

Here are some advantages to keeping a whole packet in your child's homework folder...
  • It can be used as a coloring book. I like to encourage this with my students because it makes their speech folder more fun, they also keep track of it better when they like it, and they have more exposure to words with their target sound. And when I do my quarterly probes (words the child has not practiced) to check for progress, I let the child who is not being tested color in their book while I test the other(s).
  • You don't have to make a copy every session for every child. Just write in their homework tracker which sound and position they need to work on. (I also add a small sticky note on the page so they can just flip open to the page with the sticky).
  • You can have the student practice certain pages again if they need more work on it. (and you don't have to copy it again cause it's still there).
  • You always know what you gave as homework the week before. 
  • There are weeks when I am not perfect and forget or run out of time to write in their homework tracker. I tell my students at the first of the year that if I do this they need to choose a page to work on and write down which page they worked on in their homework tracker. If they are younger, I make sure the parents know to pick a new page if I forget.
At the first of the year I run off 5 packets for each sound (well I do 10 for the most worked on sounds like R, S, L, and "th"). I have the copier automatically staple the packets so I don't get them mixed up. Then I use the schools awesome 3 hole punch machine to make sure the packets are all ready to go in the folders.

I put all the ready made homework packets in my file cabinet. It will take a lot of file cabinet space for the first week. My first sessions are always dedicated to putting together our homework folders, reviewing rules, expectations and routines and getting to know the child. Once the homework packets are distributed they will be in the student's hands instead of in your office. I keep all the leftover packets filed, in case I get new referrals or transfer students. That way I can just whip together a homework folder really quickly.

I know there are probably better ways, but I have found this a great, efficient solution to creating consistent homework that is easily individualized.


CC said...

So do your students bring their folder to and from speech each day? And do they store it in the backpack the rest of the time? I've never had any luck with that since they all seem to "lose" their folders within a week. :(

Anonymous said...

Great idea IF the homework packets ever came back....

Anonymous said...

You are not alone with the homework conundrum. I honestly get a very large percentage of my homework returned every week. But I hear this frustration from SLPs all the time. Maybe I'll try to do some research and see what things people are doing to get their students to bring homework back.

Anonymous said...

@CC My students do bring their folder to and from speech every week. If they forget their homework they know they are supposed to call their parents and ask for help remembering it for the next week.

Merrie said...

Annie, I'd love to be able to print some of your data collection forms and homework tracker. Have you considered making these available? Love the great ideas on your site. I wish I was as well organized and efficient.

The Zweifels said...

What sort of homework do you send for those kids working at the isolation/syllable level? Or do you wait to do homework until they are secure in the isolation productions?

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you re: data. How often do you use your probe lists? I tend to take data each session but am wondering if I'm trying too hard to keep track of data. Also, what lists do you use for your probes?