Want to Join our Language Disorders Review?

A couple friends from graduate school and I have made a goal to review our old textbooks and notes. Right now my life does not allow for constant study, but I figure I can give 10 or 15 minutes a day to review my notes. I did pay a pretty penny for graduate school so I think it's well worth it to maintain that investment. And it's good for my career, particularly good for my clients.

We are starting with language disorders. Language disorders are complex and there are so many different goals and approaches you can work on with each client. A good solid review of language disorders will help us decide the most relevant and important goals and treatment methods for each client. I'm excited to relearn the material. And having worked in the real clinical world for a number of years now, I am sure I will have a whole new perspective.

I was thinking it would be cool if we could all do a review together. I know we were all in different programs and had different textbooks and professors, but that's what's so cool about it. If we all made a goal this week to review chapter 1 of whatever language disorders textbook we have and everyone left 1 comment with a little something they relearned or found interesting we could all learn from each other.

So here's my challenge. In the next 7 days let's review some basic language disorders information. It doesn't have to be a monumental goal, maybe 10 minutes this week or 10 minutes a day if you think you can commit to that.

I didn't want to agonize over where to start, so I just started with chapter one of my language disorders textbook from graduate school. Because I read in small doses (10 minutes here, 5 minutes there) it took me 9 days just to review the one chapter but I feel awesome that I actually did it!!!

Do you want to join us? PLEASE DO! and share 1 thing you relearned or found interesting.

The goal this week is to.....Review the first chapter of your language disorders textbook.

Here we go! We can do it!

*P.S. If you need more focused attention to an area, by all means review that material. Find your old Language Disorders textbook, look at your old notes, read a journal article, talk to an experienced colleague or a professor, do anything to review a bit of language disorders knowledge.

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Misty said...

Has anyone Joined Yet? I would be interested in a review! Thanks