How Did Your Reviewing Go?

Dear Amazing SLPs,
Did you get a chance to review chapter one of your language disorders textbook? If you did, you are SO AWESOME! I know it's going to help us all be better speech-LANGUAGE patholgosits! :) If you didn't have time, no worries. You can still join us any time. Just pull out your old text books and notes. Once you've done that, please share your experience with us by taking this very short survey. It's anonymous and anyone can take it. No need to sign up for anything. I'm also trying to figure out how we're going to motivate eachother to stick with this review and what is the best way to share experiences. Please, please, please, take a minute to fill out this survey. I will write a post summarizing what everyone found most useful as soon as I get a good amount of participation. Remember we're not studying for a test, we're studying for the real deal. I'm so excited to hear from you. Okey dokey (or, in the words of my nephew, "donkey donkey"), click this link to take the survey...
Happy Reviewing!


vicky1970 said...

Hi Annie - I just found your blog from another one. Cute blog name...I love our speech pathologist at our school. Teachers appreciate you I'm sure. Have a great week. PS I'm your newest follower.
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Amelia said...

Discovered this blog a few weeks ago and was inspired to join in on the language review. I've been going slowly through my language disorders textbook - have finished chapter one and just filled out the survey! Is there a new goal to move on to? Will start on chapter two unless I hear otherwise :)