Language Disorders Challenge Schedule

Thanks to everyone who participated in our chapter one review. We'd like to invite everyone to join us in our review challenge.

Most people who filled out the survey said that realistically we need to take 2 weeks for each chapter. So let's plan on doing a chapter every 2 weeks or so. At the end of the two weeks I will post a survey for each person to fill out with what they found was most applicable to us in the clinical setting. I'll compile the input and post it on the blog.

I am using a fabulous textbook called Language Disorders from Infancy Through Adolescence: Assessment and Intervention 3rd edition by Rhea Paul. It's a really great text. I will list the title of each chapter so you can find the chapter from your text that relates most with the chapters in our schedule.

I made a hard copy schedule that you can print out. If you'd like me to email it to you so you can print it out email me at annie_merrill@yahoo.com. I'm excited to get this review running.

March 18-31 Ch. 2: Evaluation and Assessment
April 1-14 Ch. 3: Principles of Intervention
April 15-28 Ch. 4 Special Populations
April 29-May 12 Ch. 5: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
May 13-26 Ch. 6: Prelinguistic Assessment & Intervention
May 27-June 2 Ch. 7: Emerging Language Assessment and Intervention
June 3-16 Ch. 8: Developing Language Assessment
June 17-30 Ch 9: Developing Language Intervention
July 1-14 Ch. 10: Language, Reading & Learning in School
July 15-28 Ch 11: Assessing Language for Learning
July 29-August 11 Ch. 12: Language for Learning Intervention
August 12-25 Ch 13 Advanced Language Assessment
August 26-September 8 Advanced Language Intervention

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