Oh dear!

Oh dear, I'm a little behind! Never fear, our review of chapter 3 is coming soon. If you are on the ball, you will have already read it and are well on your way through chapter 4. If, by chance, you went on a vacation and have been working on your professional portfolio in order to upgrade your educators license, then you are probably behind. Okay, I know that it's just me. Please forgive me for being behind on our review. Chapter 3's quiz will be up by the end of the week. It is a meaty chapter. All about the principles of language intervention. It's basically the whole reason I wanted to do the review. Not the best week for a meaty chapter. Oh Well! Why do big things always happen at the same time? If you haven't read chapter 3 you still have time :) See you in a few days!


p.s. my little weekend vacation was THE BEST!!!! If you haven't been to Moab, Utah I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! I know I'm biased, as a home-grown Utah girl, but seriously Utah is one of the most gorgeous places on earth!

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Lindsay said...

Hi Annie,

I had to comment because I am a Utah girl too! I am a non-practicing SLP mother of five (ages 1-10). I love Rhea Paul's book, but I think I can never learn everything in it, there is so much. :) I think I will work on reading Chapter three also, but don't hurry, I know I can't read it in one week! ;)