Searching for an SLP Job in a New City

SLPs I need your help! I will be looking for a part-time SLP position in a city that is brand new to me. Huh? Yeah...My life is crazy right now. Like insane. Here's the update.

My husband felt stagnant and unfulfilled in his job for a lot of years. But he is finally being recognized for his amazing skills and has been offered an opportunity that we can't pass up. The trouble is that opportunity involves completely uprooting our family.

So I need to...get everything ready for the first of the school year with my speech kiddos, hire a new SLP to take over my dream job (SAD!), sell the house (quite the feat in itself), pack (yuck!), find a house in a city I've only ever seen once (yikes!), go through all the mortgage fiasco to buy a house, then proceed to move everything 700 miles away from all of our family and friends. Overwhelming right? Wait it gets better. My husband has to start the job next week (2 weeks after they offered it to him). The company is flying him there for the week and then back on the weekends until we sell our house. It will be hard to be separated. It'll also be an adventure to chase around our 2 year old son and keep the house in perfect showing condition to sell by myself. Feeling the stress build? Wait it gets even better. I am 7 months pregnant. Yeah.... If we can sell the house, find a house, pack, move, unpack, and find a doctor before this kid comes kickin' it will be a full-blown miracle.

So there you have it. My life is crazy. But I love it so much. I'm so sad to leave behind my ideal SLP job, but I am hopeful that there are excellent opportunities in the city we are moving to.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find SLP positions in a brand new city? Are there any websites you've found helpful? Any sites to avoid?

I remember when I was fresh out of grad-school, the job search was a ridiculous maze of confusion. There were a lot of websites with what seemed to be "fake" jobs that were posted just to get you to sign up for their website. I'd really like to avoid that whole mess and just apply for legitimate openings.

What was your job-search like?


Anonymous said...

I have found the following site helpful:

Good luck!

Karen said...

Don't know where you're moving to, but my district has open positions. We're in Illinois.

The Learning in Education said...

nice info